About Us

Import House on the East Coast of India

This is a trading company that started more because of failures of other similar companies than anything very special about its merits. The company continues to flourish also for the same reason.

It was in the year of 1995, acute shortage of Brine Shrimp Eggs. Anything and everything could be passed on to the customers as Artemia (BRINE SHRIMP EGGS). Cut throat competition. Competition in fooling customers and making some quick bucks. This very unhealthy situation  created a vacuum that East Coast choose to exploit. It was simple.

Just be HONEST to the purpose and everything else fell at it’s Place. Today the Company has acquired a pride place to be one of the leading importer of Shrimp Hatchery inputs. As an authorized Distributor of Ocean Star International Inc. Snow Ville, Utah, USA, it imports full range of OSI PRODUCTS. The company works in close cooperation with it’s Principals to boost the sales of the company, build an image of Trust and customer confidence for it’s products.

EAST COAST MARINE PRODUCTS AND SUPPLIES today is a major Import House on the East Coast of India that houses 96% of Shrimp Hatcheries in India. It has tied up with a few International companies as Exclusive Distributor for their world renowned products.