Gaspar Prawn Feed

Gaspar Prawn Feed is specially formulated by YUH-HUEI ENTER PRISE CO., LTD. of Taiwan. Yuh-Huei has many years experience in larval feeds since 1985. YUH-HUEI exports its products to overseas market more than 30 countries. Yuh-Huei presents its superior GASPER PRAW N FEED with high standards in terms of larval feeds manufacturing. GASPAR PRAWN FEED is made of premium quality, highly nutritive ingredients and fortified with high dosage of vitamins, minerals and immunostimulants. It is designed to maximize growth as well as to enhance disease & stress resistance.

Premium quality fishmeal, Krill meal, Squid meal, Cod liver oil, Yeast, Lecithin, Astaxanthin, Spirulina, Vitamins, Immunostimulants, Minerals.

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