Top Bucket Shrimp Flake


1.Enriched n-3 HUFAs, molting stimulants etc. to enhance the larval growth performances and improve the survival rate.
2. Balanced nutrition, well water stability and suspension to reduce larval size differences and cannibalism.
3. Suitable for every larval stage.


Amino acid fish meal, Soy protein, Krill meal, Fish soluble powder, Flour, Spirulina, Fish oil, Caramel Color, Lecithin High Potency, Food colors, Organic minerals, Vitamins.

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Composition Analysis

Crude Protein Crude Fat Moisture Ash Crude Fiber
40%↑ 3%↑ 10%↓ 17%↓ 3%↓


Suggested Usage
1. Take required amount of shrimp flake into the screen net
bag and rub it in the freshwater, then spread the filtered-
liquid into the hatchery pond evenly.
Stages Z1 ~ M3 P1 ~ P10 P11 ~ P15
Screen Net 200 Mesh
150 Mesh
100 Mesh
2. For density of 100,000 larvae/m3, feed 1~2gm(1~2ppm) and
4~6 times per day.

★Packing:5 kg/bag x 2 bags/bkt

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