Yuh Huei BP


1,With 7-8 million microparticles per gram,through microcaspulation and emulsification,balanced nutrition,well suspension and water stability to reduce larval size differences and cannibalism, raise survival rate.
2.Special flavor,strongly attractive, well palatable, easy digestion, high bioavailability, enhance immunity system and Anti-stress.
3.Under strictly quality control and hygienic conditions. Pathogen-free and lees-free.
4.Suitable for every larval stage conveniently and economically


Egg yolk, Dextrin, Amino acid, Organic mineral


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Composition Analysis
Crude Protein Crude Fat Moisture Ash Crude Fiber
45%↑ 16%↑ 10%↓ 17%↓ 3%↓
Suggested Usage
1. Mix required amount of Yuh-Huei BP with freshwater,
then spread into the hatchery pond evenly.
2. Dosage for density of 100,000 larvae/m3 below, feed 4~6
times per day.
Stages Z1 ~ Z3 M1 ~ M3 P1 ~ P10 P11 ~ P15
Dosage (gm/time) 1 ~ 1.5 1.5 ~ 2 2 ~ 3 3 ~ 5

★Packing:500 gm/can x 6 cans/ctn

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