Top 10

1. Effectively prevent bacterial infection in digestive tract.
2. Improve digestion, absorption and feed efficiency.
3. Enhance food intake during zoea stages(dragging long feces thread).
4. Reduce water pollution and increase larval survival rate.

Composition Analysis
Lactobacillus, Protease, Biodiastase, Maltase.

Suggested Usage
1. Zoea ~ Mysis:0.5~1 gm/m3 rearing water, once per day.
2. Post-Larva:0.5~1 gm/m3 rearing water, 1~2 times daily.
3. Mix TOP-10 with feed, then spread into the hatchery pond evenly.
4. Don’t use antibiotics before, along with, and after the application.


1. Store in cool, dry place away from sunlight. Refrigeration is preferred.
2. After opened, avoid the humidity.

★Packing:500 gm/can x 6 cans/ctn

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